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RBA Holds Cash Rate: Now Is Best Time to Reduce Debt

In its second meeting for the year, the Reserve Bank of Australia has kept the interest rate at 2%, which hasn’t moved since May last year. What are the possible implications of the historic low rate, particularly for property investors? ......

Slow But Steady: Housing Values to Grow, Local Analysts Say

Doomsayers have it all wrong — there is no housing bubble across Australia and a market crash is highly unlikely This is according to statistics by the CoreLogic-Moody’s Analytics Australian Forecast Home Value Index which indicated slow and steady home ......

Choices Define Your Lifestyle: 4 Healthy Habits to Keep

“Habits maketh the person,” as the old adage goes. When it comes to living healthy, forming good habits is crucial. So what do healthy people do to stay in shape, apart from exercising regularly? Here are some important points to ......



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