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The Wrong Information May Wreck Your Financial Future.
The Wrong Strategy Certainly Will!

You must (YOU MUST) integrate debt reduction, legal tax minimisation and property all together! If an advisor does not know what this means simply walk away!

The 6 Questions You Need to Ask any "Advisor" to Protect yourself:
  1. Are they accredited, audited, licensed and regulated?
    They should be accredited, audited, licensed and regulated to ensure your best interests are the focus, not the product they want to sell you.
  2. Do they have a review, quality and valuations guarantee?
    They should have a review department to ensure: (a) you have a valuation guarantee (NO VALUE NO DEAL!); (b) your strategy changes to meet your needs rather than use a “one hat fits all” set and forget policy.
  3. Do they disclose all commissions in writing?
    They should not own or work for the builders so they can negotiate on your behalf for the best deals and give you full disclosure of all commissions and/or money made before proceeding with your implementation.
  4. Were you given a full analysis of your cash flow?
    They should give you an application process and cash flow analysis before they engage so they can show you why you are or aren’t ready to invest with certainty.
  5. Do they have a selection criteria proving the investment is sound and profitable?
    They should have a strong selection criteria for the properties they are negotiating for on your behalf. Make sure they follow a stringent checklist when recommending property to you.
  6. Do they have a track record?
    A proven track record dealing in different market conditions means they have the resources and knowhow to continue delivering results into the future.

How Does JDL Strategies Protect You and Your Investments?

  • We have a 17-year track record and offices in WA, QLD, VIC and NSW.
  • We have everything under one roof - research and review department, brokers, accountants and property managers.
  • We don't own the builders so we can afford to be picky on your behalf.
  • We have dual credit licenses and over 20 collective qualifications in our team.
  • We have a strict property valuation and client selection process.
  • We have 3 national licenses in 3 disciplines - finance, financial planning and real estate.
  • We have a 44 point checklist backed up by a valuation guarantee. If the property we recommend doesn't value we will get you another one.
You are protected by the very fact that we would not do anything to sabotage our national high stats and standards by telling you to do something you shouldn't.

We believe we will provide you with the most comprehensive financial positioning model in the market.

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"With Julio's help we've been able to build an investment portfolio worth nearly $3 million in less than four years."

David C. Senior Executive, Hillarys WA

"We make more money now than we did when we were working! We had effectively retired, and were debt free. We wanted to use some of our equity to invest. Now thanks to Julio and his team we're making more money in retirement than we ever did when we were working!"

Ken S. Semi-Retired Entrepreneur, Stonyfell, SA

723 Millionaires
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They use our Chain Reaction System that leverages buying investment property as a tax deduction strategy

That’s right. At last count we’ve helped 500 Australians become millionaires* and 223 Australians
become multi millionaires. And it all started when they attended one of our Events.  Learn how to invest in property and use wealth mangement for retirement planning.

Take charge of your financial future, learn proven and successful tax deduction and investment property management strategies and book a spot at your nearest JDL Strategies Event today.