JDL Strategies & Accountants

The evidence is undeniable that clients would be more than happy to pay substantially higher fees if the industry applies the integration those clients want.

The vast majority of the accounting firms that have formed an alliance with JDL Strategies/Unstoppables have achieved the following:

  • Systematically increased client satisfaction and referrals to the firm.
  • Attracted and developed better clients.
  • Significantly increase their fee base without stress.
  • Began to provide clients the integrated services that they always wanted.

The typical financial professional is only focused on selling products.
Accountants are the only ones who genuinely want to keep an ongoing relationship with a client.
JDL Strategies is commited to that model. We invite you to be a part of our mission to raise the financial intelligence of Australia. Here is why we know you would be a great fit!

Julio De Laffitte, CEO of JDL Strategies

Australia is the best and easiest country on the planet to prosper. I have been in this great country for twenty years and just love being an Australian citizen.

I am living proof that it is possible in Australia to start from nothing and become wealthy, if you only know how and have access to the right people. That is why I started JDL Strategies. It was a concept born of my frustration with the second-rate advice and fragmented service I had encountered when looking for professional help to manage the wealth I was creating in this country.

I saw the need for a one-stop-shop that would work strictly for a client’s best interests, not for the interests of an investment product provider. That’s what makes JDL Strategies distinct from other companies. We provide a team of specialists who work together to deliver the best outcome for our clients. I believe JDL Strategies has changed the investment landscape forever. I see now other companies copying our model and I think that is great because now everyday people from all walks of life (from hard working Australians to hard core entrepreneurs) have access to information, knowledge, advice and fully disclosed
implementation processes that were once only available to the super-rich.

50% of our staff are clients of the company because they were so passionate about how our system changed their lives that they wanted to help others do the same. Yes, we are raising the financial intelligence of this country. We are thrilled you are on this page and are interested in doing the same.

Tony Connolly – Chartered Accountant
Gail Woods – BWW Accountants
Mark Walters – Mark Walters and Company
Tony Melvin – Author, Educator and Business Builder
Paul Warbuton – BWW Accountants
John De Rosa – Principal of JD Accounting