Kill the pain, keep what is good and take out all financial inefficiencies.

Not having a strategy is a strategy. So we crunch the numbers and take a real look at what your current trajectory is should you continue on your current path. This eye-opening analysis draws on our 20+ years of experience and will ignite some confronting conversations that you may have never had about debt, tax, risk, analysis,cash flow and taking control.


Integrate debt reduction, property, tax minimisation and your personal goals.

We’ll work with you to achieve your financial and property objectives. We go deep, get all of your data and information so we can integrate finance, debt reduction, property, tax minimisation and all other aspects of your financial journey. Our team will design a powerful and continuous debt reduction strategy with a retirement forecast outlining the most efficient way to build a portfolio.


Research, Debt Reduction Strategy, Finance and Property Investment.

We’ll compile a customised JDL Chain Reaction Strategy and go through it with you one step at a time. We’ll continue to work with you, discuss options with you and adjust and contour this strategy during this phase. Your personalised preliminary strategy report and deployment timeframes are all discussed and agreed upon.


Property and Finance

After extensive research our team will provide you with a selection of suitable properties and finance solutions based on your personal strategy. Fresh from our property research department, each property will come with a complete 44 points checklist report including historical data, rental, capital growth projections and a market overview. We then walk you through the various stages of your purchase including your finance (which comes complete with debt reduction strategy, valuation guarantee and firewalls) to ensure your property acquisition process goes as smooth as possible. If you are purchasing an off-the-plan property or undertaking a new build, your contracts manager will ensure you understand all key construction dates and will provide you with regular updates on the construction process. The property and finance divisions will maintain communication with vendors, builders, solicitors and finance brokers to facilitate a hassle-free experience from signing of contracts through to tenants moving in.


The Chain Reaction.

After the purchase is complete, we help you track the performance of your property portfolio and all other investments you may be carrying, to ensure your desired outcome is achieved. On the anniversary of your engagement, the client manager with the team will provide you a full review, a market update and a new financial wealth check so that you can keep building your Chain Reaction moving forward. We will also look into ways to further develop and enhance your ongoing performance in line with your Preliminary Strategy Report.



A Personalised True Assessment

Numbers don’t lie. We’ll assess your current asset and financial structure to ensure you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to achieving your goals. Think of us as your co-driver! You need to fully understand where you are, to know where it is you’re going.

Customised Strategy

We’ll put our 20+ years of experience to work and create a realistic and achievable strategy that will act as your roadmap to wealth. It’s time you made your hard-earned money work for you to create wealth for your future.

Use What’s There

If you have an existing portfolio, we can see if it’s structured right so you can maximise what’s already there and leverage to its full potential. It might just take you to the next level.

Time The Market Perfectly

We aim to get you purchase-ready within a month so you can take advantage of ripe market conditions and start reaping the rewards of successful property investing, sooner.


We take care of market research and property due diligence so you can focus on implementing your strategy. We have a specialised research department who take property data to a whole new level to ensure you have a choice of suitable properties that work with your strategy.

Feasability & Choice

We present each opportunity with a detailed report which includes historical market data, sales comparisons, rental appraisals and forecasts, capital growth projections and cash flow analysis.

Successful property acquisition

We guide you through the property acquisition phase so it runs smoothly. But it doesn’t stop there. We believe that each client of ours, is a client for life; and acquiring your first property with us is just the first step.

Membership For Life

If you decide to purchase new or off-the-plan property, you’ll receive a full rebate equivalent to your membership fee upon settlement. (conditions apply).

Ongoing Assessment & Reviews

Once the purchase is complete, you’ll get ongoing support from us. As a client for life, we’ll do regular reviews to track the performance of your investment to ensure it continues to work towards your desired outcome.

Which type of property is right for you?

Not sure which property is right for you?That’s okay, we’ve got two decades’ worth of experience you can lean on. We’ll help you:

  • Accumulate assets to achieve healthy, long-term wealth.
  • Acquire new or off-the-plan property for tax minimisation, dual income or capital gain.
  • Drive and leverage equity quickly through our stringent property selection process to spearhead a property portfolio, sooner.

We’ll help you get ahead financially and create wealth through asset accumulation, debt reduction, tax minimisation and more. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 20 years, and we’ve helped thousands of everyday Australians achieve wealth in the process.

Want to invest but unsure which move to make?

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What our members are saying...

Mary and I would just like to thank you both once more for your presentation this evening, which was extremely thorough and left very little doubt that we are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime with JDL.

- Paul & Mary

I’d encourage people to take a look at their options and to see what’s possible because it is actually a lot easier than what you think

- Brian Giltay

At 50, with not the greatest set up for super, we certainly needed to get started on planning for retirement and life afterwards. That was fairly late to start so we’re very happy to think that 10 years later we’ve got investment properties that give us a secure base. The whole process of building that portfolio is something I couldn’t have handled, but working with JDL Strategies we’ve found it really very easy.

- Geoff W

We spoke for many years of investing off the farm, so that we’ll have something after we pass it on and our kids don’t have to worry about where we’re going and what we’re doing. That’s what we’re doing with JDL Strategies — making this asset work for us while we have it.

- David and Gwenda

Talk about a light being switched on, I found the evening completely enlightening. Julio is a fantastic communicator and was able to provide the information in an energetic/electric way. I have to admit that I didn’t want to leave, I found my ah-ha moment during the presentation and was privileged to be able to chat to Julio at the end of the presentation. Again thank you for this enlightening event! 

- Shaun R