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There’s no point having a Self-Managed Super Fund unless it’s working for you.

JDL Strategies’ national network brings together financial planners and specialist accountants across Australia for the purpose of SMSF advice and implementation.

There’s no point setting up a SMSF unless it’s of benefit to you. Our professional SMSF team’s first priority is to discover if a SMSF is in fact suitable for you.

From there, we can advise a strategy, assist in investment decisions, establish the SMSF on your behalf and even help you with the ongoing bookkeeping and administration. We think it’s a clever little one-stop SMSF solution shop; we’ll think you’ll love it too

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SMSF is serious business

  • A self-managed super fund is not a one-size fits all. We must establish it is right for you and your family.
  • A retirement strategy is integral to financial freedom. If right for you, a SMSF might form a key component of this strategy. Let us explore this further.

SMSF Stablished Already

Already have a SMSF but not seeing the value of it? Let our team of experts give you some real insights. Through a face-to-face meeting, we can help establish if your SMSF is performing the way it should. We even encourage your accountant to come along too.

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