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The JDL Group

Voyager Wealth Management

Voyager Wealth Management offers a wide range of services including:

Financial security through investing and protecting

Voyager Wealth Management is committed to assisting our clients in creating financial security through investing and protection of wealth. Through a process of understanding our clients’ financial concerns and objectives, we provide a complement of solutions to professionals, the self employed and families creating a greater security, independence and peace of mind.

We are committed to understanding your situation, discussing your options and providing personal advice. We make sure you understand our proposed strategies before we implement them.

How can we help?

Voyager’s highly experienced advisers provide total financial planning solutions encompassing investment, superannuation and retirement, risk management, and much more.

A Licensed Voyager Financial Planner will work with you to prepare a full Statement of Advice designed to create a balanced and tax-effective investment portfolio. This may involve managed funds, superannuation strategies, insurances, specific tax effective investments, and tax structures to allow you to control and secure your assets in different ways.


It is our aim to design a strategy specifically catered to your needs and objectives that helps you get more money invested and working for you. We also aim to help you implement your strategy by educating you and building your financial intelligence.

Risk Management

We help you to consider what is most important to you in a time of need, and work with you to implement a risk management plan which may involve personal insurances such as life insurance and income protection, as well as cover for your family including Child Trauma insurance. And for business owners, we can assist with Business expenses insurance, Key Man insurance as well as buy/sell agreements to ensure your family’s future is properly protected.


Your wealth creation strategy is about generating wealth with a view to retirement – so it makes sense to consider one of your biggest investments, your Superannuation. We will work with you to review the level of fees your are paying, the performance of your super fund, as well as any insurances which are held within the fund, to ensure ALL of your investments are on track to help you achieve your goals

Contact Voyager Wealth Management’s Principal Sarah Nulty by clicking here.

Asset Realty


The Asset Realty provides specialised Property Management services for your real estate investments – to JDL clients, with a focus on maximising the performance and growth of their assets. Their dedication to you the Property Owner has been reflected in 10 National Property Management awards all within their first year of business

Asset Realty works for you, The Property Owner!

A good property manager means that you can sleep soundly knowing your investment is in safe hands.

Having an experienced property manager is an essential ingredient in owning a residential investment property. Lack of experience can lead to financial and emotional problems for you, the property owner. Property owners like you choose to use Asset Realty for one simple reason, to ensure your asset is protected.

Other benefits include:

Ensuring your property is rented, with vacancy times kept to a minimum.Regular communication with the tenant, ensuring that their needs are met so they remain content and cooperative.

Providing a high quality service at a reasonable price.These are the minimum standards that Asset Realty maintains.

They are the minimum standards that a property owner should expect when dealing with a property management company.

For more information please contact Principal Nicole via their website

JDL Finance


JDL Finance draws on an intimate knowledge of the sector and access to a vast array of lending products to help clients streamline their financial arrangements, paying out personal debt sooner while simultaneously funding a balanced investment portfolio.

A JDL Finance strategist will sit down with you and craft an efficient finance structure to support your property investment strategy.

Find out where your numbers are taking you and how you can change your financial future by getting Your Free Financial Wealth Check today

JDL Property Research


The experienced team at JDL Property Research sifts through economic and property market data, and spends considerable time “on the ground”, to pinpoint locations and projects positioned to deliver especially strong capital growth, low vacancy rates, and high rental returns for investors.

They will prepare a detailed investment property report for you and introduce you to a licensed real estate agent who can help you act on the recommendations.